GK Quiz Part 37

The cessation of hostilities by agreement for a fixed period is

The decision of judgment having the force of law is

The President shall, within two years from the commencement of this Constitution and thereafter at the expiration of every fifth years or at such earlier time as the president considers necessary, by order constitute a Finance Commission which shall consist of a Chairman and four other members to be appointed by the President” , this has been stated under Article

“The President shall cause every recommendation made by the Finance Commission under the Provisions of this Constitution together with an explanatory memorandum as to the action taken thereon to be laid before each House of Parliament”, this has been stated under Article

The Chairman and other members of the Finance Commission are appointed by the

The Finance Commission consists of the

The Finance Commission is appointed after

A report predicts that the number of people living in urban areas would rise to _____ by the 2050.

The size of India’s economy would grow to _________of the US by 2050, with china becoming even bigger than the world’s current largest economy, according to a Price Water house Coopers report

An unregulated market where the forces of competition amongst the buyers and sellers determine the prevailing price is

If the prevailing price of the share or security is the same as at the time, when it was first issued, the share or security would be said to be at

The downward phase or a business cycle is

A/An instrument which is used for measuring atmospheric

A/An ----- is a kind of coral reef, it is a long reef which lies at the edge of the continental shelf just a little way from the sea-shore.

_______ is a kind of igneous rock or stone and is of dark colour.

_______ is defined as software em-bedded into the hardware.

The term given to the machinery itself and to the various individual pieces of equipment is

A standard keyboard has total of 84 or _______ keys.

Combination of four bits is

Walt Disney was the _______ cartoonist, the creator of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon films.

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