GK Quiz Part 40

The Objective of the Third Five Year Plan were

A middle-man or a commission agent who works at the stock exchange between the prospective customers and the stocks jobber is

At frequent intervals, normally it is a year each business concern checks and counts in full the accumulated goods of each type and class that it has at one particular time is called

The each incentive given by the government to an industry with a view to lower the price of the product of the concerned industry and to raise its competitive power is known as

A steroid compound found in all animals, but not in plants is

The second Five Year Plan laid emphasis on

A colourless substance especially used in jams and fruit juices as a preservative is

Light type of coal obtained when coal is heated in the presence of air is

Sucrose is the scientific name for ordinary

Apparatus that rotates containers at high speeds, creating centrifugal forces is

US experts estimate that shale oil would be economic today at

The main objectives of the ninth five year plan were

The goodwill and patents are the

The trade of the services like the banks, marine companies and shipping companies is

Cash register was invented by

Celluloid was invented by

Cement was invented by

A written acknowledgment of the debt made by the debtor to the creditor is

Chronometer was invented by

Cinema was invented by

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