GK Quiz Part 41

The highest judicial court in a state is the

The constitution has

The chief justice and other judges of the High Court are appointed by the

The chief justice and other judges of the high court are appointed by the president in

The president appoints additional judges in high court to cope up with the increased work or for a period not exceeding

Guwahati is stituated at the the bank of

Haridwar is situated at the bank of

The management of land or agricultural economy is

the study of grasses is

lucerne, a valuable fodder plant is

The study of animal is

The study of environment is

A condition marked by low haemoglobin contact of the blood is

An apparatus used to isolate organisms living in soil water is

A green alkaline fluid produced in the liver of mammals is

A clear division of legislative powers between the union government and the state has been made under

The division of the powers between the union government has been made on the basis of

Article 245 of the Indian constitution says that subject to the provision of this constitution, parliament may make laws for

the legislature of a state may make laws for

the parliament has the exclusive power to make laws with respect to any of the matters enumerated in the

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