GK Quiz Part 42

Some of the salient features of economic performance during the English five – year plan were

By the year 2010the number of crorepatis in India will be

Shares or bonds or stock offered to the investing public at any particular time for a particular category are called

A parson who is willing to buy or sell securities and makes a market of such securities is called

laises faire is

Who among the following are the recipients of Bharat Ratna?

chritopher Columbus was the------ sailor who discovered west indies, Bahamas and Cuba and sailed to central America in 1503.

Confucius was the— philosopher who founded the religion of Confucianism.

A chemical which is used to kill or control living organism is

Energy-producing organic compounds, e.g. cane suger, glucose, starch etc are

A period in the human life cycle between puberty and maturity is

A colorless, odourless, testless gas about one and half times as heavy as air is

A thick oil extracted form of mint and used as an antiseptic and anesthetic is

-------- is the national flower of India

------ is the official language of the Union and the international form of Indian numerals is used for official purposes.

Mohammad Ghori Defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain fought in the year

The Slave dynasty was established by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak in the year

A judicial restraint order to prevent a wrongul act is

The movement for the abolition of war is

An oath taken by the prisoner that if released he will not try to escape is

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