GK Quiz Part 57

Let’s learn more about : The first India woman to climb Mt. Everest was- Who among the following do not take part in the election of the President of India? which term is not used in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?  Fascism gives more importance- How many seats have been reserved for Scheduled Casts in the Lok Sabha? Who was the president of the historical congress session of 1916 at Lucknow? Fundamental Duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution do not have any- The number of members in interim Government formed in 1946 was- A Bill referred to a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament is to be passed by-  The basic element of Liberalism is – Provincial autonomy was a feature of which Act?   Asian Development Bank was established in-  NICRA which was recently in news stands for-  Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 came into force on- T-50 Stealth Fighter is being jointly developed by India and How many Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) have recently been granted Maharatna status? INS Karuva is India’s-  The New Primeminister of Nepal is –  Tony Tan is the new President of-  Which country recently lifted emergency imposed 28 year ago?

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