GK Quiz Part 66

Somdev Devvarman is a famous player of-

Who won the World Snooker Title in May 2010?

The Wenlock is the mascot of-

Arun Bajpayee is the youngest India to mount-

Romance with Life’ is a book written by-

Phylloquenone is the chemical name of-

B.C Roy Trophy is associated with-

Which Indian player was named Rookie of the year for 2009?

Which of the following organization has its headquarters in Rome?

The Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2008 came into force in-

Dakar is the capital of-

Theorphrastus is called the father of-

National Youth Day is observed on-

Which of the following cities is famous for Tabacco industry?

Who was the first scholar to use the term Indus Civilization?

The recommendations of 11th Finance Commission covered the period-

Uranium Corporation of the India is located in-

The provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made under-

Who is known as the father of Sanskrit Grammer?

Which movie won the Palm d’ Or (Best Feature Films) Award at the 63rd Cannes Film Festivalin May 2010?

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  1. its boring guys to mug up gk at home, so please read gk online!!


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