GK Quiz Part 68

As per 2011 census, in Indian the number of females per thousands males is-

Chemical name of Plaster of Paris is-

Who was the first envoy of the East India Company to meet Jahangir in 1608 A.D.?

Carbohydrates are compounds of-

The growth of bacteria is measured by-

A government is classified as federal or unitary on the basis of-

‘EVM’ stands-

When ice is heated from “0” to 100C, the volume of water-

Mammals form urea in the-

Wanchoo Committee dealt with-

The tributary of River Indus which flows through Himachal Pradesh is-

Which one of the following is an essential ingredient of parliamentary government?

Through which states does the river Chambai flows?

The content of memory will not be lost, when the power goes off in-

Simple Goitre is a disease affecting- a) Gums b) Tear glands c) Liver d) Thyroid e) Glands

The Word ‘Secular’ is a part of the Preamble of the Constitution of India-

The Programme which is being implemented in all the districts of the country is-

Which one of the following Cricketer has been declared by the ICC as ‘Cricketer of the Twentieth Century’?

As per the 2011 population census, the most populous state in the country is-

Which one of the following is not an internal factor for industrial sickness?

Vikramshila University was founded by-

Acidity of rain is measured by-

For which one of the following, are honey bees used?

Chlorination is-

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