Indian History Quiz Part 11

Babur had three wives. Which one of the following was not his wife?

Who was Mehdi Khwaza?

Humayun ascended the throne at Agra on—

Which of the following statement is true of the Sher Shah Suri?

Which out of the following was not one of the purposes of ‘Sarais’ Built during Sher Shah?

Which of the following statements is true of Akbar’s policy towards the Hindus?

Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

Which of the following elements was not found in Akbar’s Architecture?

Who composed ‘Ganga Lahri’?

From whom Shahji received the jagir of Poona?

Who was not alive at the time of Shivaji’s Coronation?

Which of the following Peshwas is connected with the treaty of Sagola?

In which year Ahilyabai Holkar breathed her last?

The French East India Company was formed in—

The Treaty of Shrirangpattam took place in—

The triple alliance against Tipu was formed by Cornwallis consisted of the following—

In the third Maratha War, the English defeated Peshwa Bajirow II at—

The battle of Wandiwash was fought between—

At the battle of Biddera the English crushed the power of—

The Treaty of Surat was concludes by the British with the following Maratha Chief—

In the second Sikh war the decisive battle was fought at—

Which of the following revolts had agrarian causes at its root?

Which of the following was not a silver coin during Akbar?

What is ‘Mokasa’?

Guru Govind Singh was killed in 1708 at—

Who was the author of ‘Nuskha-i-Dilkusha’?

Mir Sayyed Ali and abdusamad were the court painter during the time of—

La Bourdonnais was the Governor of—

Who was not appointed as Vazir during Akber’s reign?

Mir Kasim removed his court from Calcutta to—

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