IT Quiz Part 10

The --------- tag contain an opening tag as well as a closing tag.

In Which tag should you apply the bgcolor attribute to change the background color of the Web page?

In Which tag should you specify the left and top margins of the Web Page?

The ------------ attribute is used to set space at the left side of the Web Browser window.

You can also align the headings with the help of the ------------- attribute.

The text in a Web page is ---------- aligned by default.

The text in a Web page is ---------- aligned by default.

Whatever text appears within the ------------ tag will appear as a separate line in the Web browser.

The ---------------- tag is only supported by the internet Explore.

The --------------- tag create a horizontal line, which can be used to separate paragraph or sections in a Web page.

You should use the ------------ logical text style for including code in your text.

------------------ is a type of physical text style.

The text specified between the start tag and the end tag is displayed in a smaller size and will be ---------------

If you want the browser to display special characters, you must insert -------------in the HTML code.

If you want to enter a non-breaking space in the web page, you should use the following character entity.

Other than the tag, which tag among the following should you use to display text in italics?

A------------- text is one that is similar to the text printed using a typewriter.

Tag that apply physical text style are called as -------------- tags.

------------- text is smaller than the regular text.

The -------------- tag is mostly used when writing mathematical equations.

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