IT Quiz Part 11

You can use the ----------- tag to display the list of items in the bulleted format.

The Type attribute has the default value as -----------------

You can use the -------------- tag to arrange the list of items in the ascending order.

By default, an ordered list shows the list item in the ------------- order.

You can create a definition list with the ------------- tag.

HTML is a -------------

Which HTML tag should you use to display power in a variable, such as x2.

Among the following, Which HTML tag can make the text bold?

Which HTML tag display the text as the smallest heading?

The various options of a bulleted list available in HTML are:

Which tag is used to add background color to a Web page?

If you want to display the text in your Web page in Spanish language, them which code should you specify with the lang attribute?

The RGB value of the color is a ----------- digit combination of letter and number:

The value of #00FFFF is -----------------.

----------------- refers to a version that was introduced in 1996 by adding some new features, such as table.

HTML is written is the form of --------------.

HTML tags are not ------------.

The ---------- tag specifies that the document is a HTML document.

The ------------ tag gives title to an HTML document.

The ------------ display the name of the application and the name of the currently open document.

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