IT Quiz Part 12

Which are the two main part of a Web page?

What will happen if the background image is smaller than the Web page?

You can display the greater than sign (>) on the Web page by using following character entity:

If you want to make a list of items in the form of terms and their description then you can create a -----------list.

The default numbering pattern used by an ordered list is --------------.

When you create new list inside a main list to store sub-items, then it is called-----

A tag is ------------------

Among the following, Which is correct?

The --------- tag is used for inserting an image in a Web page.

CELLPADDING and CELLSPACING are attributes of the ------------- tag.

The ---------- tag is used to create a link or hyperlink.

The ----------- attribute of the (<a>) tag is used to name a section in a web page ---- to create an internal link.

The ALT attribute is not supported by the ------------ Web browser.

The ------------ tag is used to create a table in HTML.

By default, the color of a hyperlink is:

In the <TD> tag, TD denotes:

In Which attributes of the tag can you specify the URL of the image that you want to insert in a Web page?

The <a> tag is ------------

Which of the following are the types of lists in HTML?

The ----------- tag is used to define the header of a table.

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