IT Quiz Part 2

The Combination of multimedia and hyperlinks is known as-------

ARPANET stands for:

ARPANET was introduced in:

NSFnet was development by NSF in:

TCP/IP is responsible for:

An application that can access and render www content is known as:

Which protocol enable you to exchange text message among users on the Internet?

Another name for the Web is:

The expansion of the abbreviation www is world White Web.

Which protocol is used for text and binary files that are arranged in a menu structure?

Identifies the domain name in the URL

Identifies the domain name in the URL

ISP stands for:

You can subscribe for an Internet connection to an---------.

PSTN stands for:

A dial-up connection is established with the help of a--------.

A------- is a temporary connection that uses the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to connect to the Internet.

Which part of eh TCP/IP protocol is used to divide a message into packets at the source computer?

Which domain extension specifies a commercial website?

Which are the main components of a URL?

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