IT Quiz Part 3

Mozilla Firefox is a:

--------is an example of a text-based browser, which provides access to the Internet in the text-only mode.

When you place the mouse pointer on a hyperlink the shape of the mouse pointer change to a --------

IAB refers to the:

IETF stands for:

--------- is responsible for developing and promoting Internet standards:

Registration service to the Internet community are provided by:

There are ------- types of web browsers.

Text and ----- are two types of web browsers.

Which one of following is not an ISP provider in India?

Which of the following Is not an example of a graphic Web browers?

Lynx is an example of:

An example of a commercial Website is:

In -------- Tim Berners-Lee development the first Web server.

CERN http was a:

NSFnet was discontinued in:

There are currently about------million Internet users In India.

A------is a set of rules that computer use to communicate with one another over a network.

According to a Survey conducted in mid-2010.There are around ------billion Internet users worldwide.

Which components of the URL, denotes the protocol?

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