IT Quiz Part 5

A protocol used to transfer files between two remote computers is:

The following service will not be provide by a typical ISP:

An IP address is a string of ----- numbers separated by periods.

Which of the following statements about search engines is true?

Google Chrome is a -----

A domain name ending belongs to----

Which of the following sites would you most probably buy books from?

Which of these is not a part of URL?

The acronym ‘CU’ in e-mail message and chatting means:

The acronym ‘FAQ’ used in e-mail message and chatting stands for:

E-reservation is a process of making reservation for which of the following?

A Database is a collection of

Which of the following are the main elements of a database?

In a flat-file database all the data is stored in--------

The full of form DBMS is:

The main components or elements of base are:

In a database, a table must contain:

In DBMS, all the data is stored at a --------

In a database, you can retrieve specific information by using--------

A primary key is used to ------- identify a record in a table.

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