IT Quiz Part 6

Which is not true for a database file?

In a flat-file database, all the data is stored in a single table in a--------

The duplication of data is known as data------

A primary key cell does not contain

A foreign key is a reference of the -----key in another table.

A query is used to retrieve--------from a table.

In a table, column represents to a ---------

Data redundancy means duplication of

In a database, a ------- helps in viewing, adding and editing data.

In a database, a relationship is developed on the basis of ----------

Different and conflicting version of the same data appearing in different place is known as:

Ina table, a row is also known as a --------

A--------- does not contain NULL value.

A--------- allows you to represent data retrieved from one or more tables so that it can be analyzed and printed, if required.

While designing a database, which of the following points you need to keep in your mind?

In a database, you can retrieve particular records by using a ---------

In DBMS, sharing of data means that the data in the database can be used by

The full form of RDBMS is:

You can add one record at a time by using the -------- element of a database.

Which database elements help in providing input for a report?

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