IT Quiz Part 7

A relationship can be created with the help of-------

A set of Information about a single entity or person is known as:

Authorized users are those users who have proper permission to ------- from a database.

A BASE database files has the --------- extension.

A table representation data in ---------- format, which includes rows and columns.

What is the purpose of the description columns in Table design View?

In a table, a row is also known as a -------------

A database is a collection of:

A--------- Consists of one type of information.

-----------refers to the type of field length whose value changes according to the data stored in a field.

Field length can be categorized into---------- types.

A---------- can be defined as a row containing data about a single entity in the table.

The different objects in a database are tables, queries, forms, and ------------

In BASE, when you move a field, it appears as the ---------- field of the table.

A primary key is used to -----------identify a record in a table.

A primary key cell does not contain----------

Out of the following, which is the most appropriate data field in the context of an employee table if only one of these is required?

To work with Open BASE, you must have --------- in your computer.

You can delete a field in a table by using the ----------- command.

The --------data type allows you to store textual data of fixed length.

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