IT Quiz Part 8

Which data type should you choose for a zip code field in a table?

-----------refers to the process of ensuring that only valid data is entered in a database.

Which among the following field would not make a suitable primary key?

The ---------- data type allows you to store data in the form of a three-digit number.

You can use the --------- to move in a table.

The full form of JRE is:

A -------- serves as a label that specifies the type of information contained in a field.

The ------data type allows you to store data either in the date format or the time format.

What is the field size of the Big integer data type?

The ------- field property helps specify whether the entry of data in the selected field is mandatory or not.

The Status bar is located at the ---------- of the BASE window.

In BASE, an empty value in any field is known as:

Which data type helps you handle input that is the yes or no format?

You can save the changes made in a table of a database by pressing the -------keys on keyboard.

What is the field range for the small integer data type?

The Memo [ LONGVARCHAR] data type helps store data of up to ----------

A Database is a collection of

Which of the following are the main elements of a database?

In a flat-file database all the data is stored in--------

The full of form DBMS is:

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