MCQ Quiz Part 14

In whom the executive power of a State of the Indian Union vested?

An ____ is a circular coral reef Correct

A well which provides water without pumping is

_______ is a mineral with a rough, thread like texture and is a silicate.

Ferozepur is situated at the bank of

The balancing of the two forces of demand and supply is

Capable of being broken down by living organisms, principally bacteria and fungi is

What is a rocky ravine?

A port that accepts the landing of goods from abroad on the understanding that there would be no imposition of any import duty or taxation of any import duty or taxation on the products that are imported is

The principle ore of aluminum, consisting of amixture of hydrated aluminum oxides and hydroxides, generally contaminated with compounds of iron, which give it a red colour is

Kalidas Samman national award for classical dance was instituted by the

________ is an element, a gas which is found in the Earth’s atmosphere

Dibrugrah is situated at the bank of

Salts used to soften hard water are

A white crystalline salt with an alkaline nature used in the manufacture of glass, soldering of metals, enamels, gems, soaps,etc is

Estate Duty is

Under which Article, it is possible to appoint the same person as the Governor as the Governor for two or more states?

________ describes parts of the Earth which have a very dry climate, such as hot deserts.

Under Article 155 of the Governor of a State is appointed by the

A person who undertakes an enterprise often at personal financial risk is

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