MCQ Quiz Part 15

An organ of storage and vegetative reproduction is vegetative reproduction is

In 2025 India ’s working population will be

Incidence of a tax is

The other Ministers of the State Council of Ministers

The fastest animal at short run is

The sign of protest is

Inflammation of the nerve endings, mostly occurring in the tropics and resulting from a deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine)is

Carburettor was invented by

Who is the head of the State Council of Ministers?

Any system consisting of only two elements is

Law stating that the volume of a given mass of gas at a constant temperature to its pressure is

The largest neck animal is

All those conditions or situations where there is neither pure competition nor monopoly is

The Chief Minister is appointed by the

Diet that includes carbohydrate, protein, fat,vitamins, water, minerals and roughage is

The State Legislature consists of

The science of the movement and behaviour of missiles, projects from guns, rifles and slings, bomb and rockets is

By 2025 India ’s working age population will grow to _______ million against 19 million in the USA .

Can the court inquire as to what advice was tendered by the Ministers to the Governor?

The upper house of the of the state Legislature is

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