MCQ Quiz Part 17

Chronometer was invented by

The main objectives of the Ninth Five Year Plan were

A green alkaline fluid producted is the liver of mammals is

A written acknowledgment of the debt made of the debtor to the creditor is

The Study of grasses is

The highest judicial court in a State is the

Use experts estimate the shale oil would be economics today at

The Chief Justice and other Judges of the High Court are appointed by the President in consultation with the

Guwahati is situated at the bank of

The management of land or agriculture economy is

The goodwill and patents are the

Cash Register was invented by

Lucerne , a valuable fodder plant is

Cement was invented by

The chief Justice and other Judge of the High Court are appointed by the

The study of animals is

Cinema was invented by

The President appointed additional Judge in High Court to cope up with the increased work or arrears of work for a period not exceeding

The industrial of living organism to manufacture food, drugs or other products, for example, micro-organism are used in ethanol production by fermentation, brewing with yeast and enzyme production is

An apparatus used to isolate organisms living in soil water is

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