MCQ Quiz Part 2

________ is the highest civilian award in India and is given or exceptional work for the advancement of art, literature,science and in recognition of public services of the highest order.

A Colour, crystalline salt, used in some explosives is

A clourless, pungent gas, compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is

A white, soluble, crystalline salt, used in drycells is

Abraham Lincon was the 16th President if the _______ , abolished slavery, re-elected president in 1864

Buddha dies in the year

Buddha was born in the year

Bull's Eye is the sports term associated with

Energy from sources that are renewable and ecologically safe, as opposed to sources that are nonrenewable with toxic byproducts is

Founder president of theosophical Society was

India covers an area of _______ sq km,extending from the snow covered Himalyayan heights to the tropical rain forests of the south.

Indian Rivers may be classified as

Instrument used in aircraft that measures altitude, or height above sea level is

Jhelum , Chenab , Ravi , Beas and Suitlej are tributaries of

Mahavira was born in the year

Metal blended with some other metallic ornon-metallic substance to give it special qualities, such as resistance tocorrosion is

Target is the sports term associated with

The auther of the book Hamlet is

The Constituent Assembly was set up under the

The great of pardon or exemption form prosecution of political offenders is

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