MCQ Quiz Part 21

A sweetish, colourless liquid used as a solvent and an aesthetic is

An economy which is left free of the governmental control is

The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the

A substance which inhibits vomiting is

_______ is an element, a soft, white metal that is very heavy.

Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq founded the Tughlug dynasty in India in the year

An electrode which is the source of electrons and is negatively charged is

The treatment of diseases by the administration of chemicals is

Hyderabad is situated at the bank of

A phenomenon in which the addition of small quantity of a substance enhances the rate of reaction manifold, without the added substance itself being consumed in the course of the reaction is

When the number of sellers is limited to a few only, but is more than two, such a market situation is called

He is person who looks into, examines and investigates the complaints made by the public regarding the bad and faulty administration of the government, as a result of which members of the public may have suffered is

A foreign substance, usually protein in nature, which elicits the formation of specific antibodies with in an organism, is

The office of the Chief Election commissioner has been created by the

The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed by the

The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed on the ground of

Atriplex is

A/An _______ measures changes in atmosphere pressure which may take place over a period of time.

The number of people employed by the Indian retail sector is

Jabalpur is situated at the bank of

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