MCQ Quiz Part 23

The long-term pattern of weather in a region is

The main objectives of the Fifth Five Year Plan were

_______ is the main protein of milk, from which it can be separated by the action of acid, the enzyme rennin, or bacteria(souring); it is also the main component of cheese

A situation where one event causes a second, this leads to a third, and soon is

Any agent that increases the change of a cell becoming cancerous, including various chemicals, some viruses, X-rays and forms of nuclea radiation is

Soft Loan is

The main objective of the Fourth Five Year Plan were

Dribbling is the sports term associated with

The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the

A safety switch that automatically cuts off the current when there is an overload is

Jump Ball is the sports term associated with

The spontaneous movement of liquids up or down narrow tubes such as plant xylem vessels or the spaces existing between soil particles is

A/An _______ is the area of land drained by a river and its tributaries.

Soft Currency is

Cue is the sports term associated with

The Planning Commission was set up on

Who was the first chairman of the Planning Commission?

Which one of the following in not a statutory body?

A_______ is the strip if sloping land which lies along the sea-shore between the high and low water level of the rides

An inflation where the expansion of currency is associated with static output and employment or ever declining output and employment is called

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