MCQ Quiz Part 24

Lady with the Lamp is

A middle-man or a commission agent who works at the stock exchange between the prospective customers and the stocks jobber is

A beam securely fixed at one end and handing free at the other hand is

Apparatus that rotates containers at high speeds, creating centrifugal forces is

The fasted bird is

The author of the book Treasure Island is

The author of the Time Machine is

John Bull is the nick name of

The author of the book Tess of the durbervilles is

An apparatus for measuring heat is

Who among the following are the recipients of Bharat Ratna

On which one of the following grounds the president may remove a number of the Union Public Service Commission from office?

“Subject to the provisions of his article,there shall be a Public Service Commission for the Union and a Public Service Commission for each State,” this has been stated under Article

The Constitution has provided that one half of the members of every Public Service Commission shall be persons who have at least held government officers for a period of

The Objective of the Third Five Year Plan were

Sucrose is the scientific name for ordinary

At frequent intervals, normally it is a year each business concern checks and counts in full the accumulated goods of each type and class that it has at one particular time is called

The second Five Year Plan laid emphasis on

Light type of coal obtained when coal is heated in the presence of air is

A steroid compound found in all animals, but not in plants is

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