MCQ Quiz Part 25

The Indus rises in Mount Kailash in Tibet and flowing through the Punjab and Sind ( Pakistan )falls into the

The National emblem of Australia is

The other of the book the cantebuary Tales is

The UN Charter was formed in October 1944 are Dumbarton Oaks (Washington D.C) in a meeting attended by five nations (Soviet Union, U.K., U.S.A ., France and China) and it was signed in June -------by the delegates of 50 countries at san Franoisco

The write to vote conferred on every adult, without any distinction, to elect the candidate of his or her choice is

The Ganga rising near the glacier Gangotri, in the Himalayas, flows through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal and falls into the

Cross-fertilization is

_____ is the longest river in India.

_______ is a disease caused by a virus which inactivates the Immune System in the body

In the battle of Salamis , Greeks defeated the Persians in the year

Alexander invaded India and defeated Porus in the battle of Hydaspes ( Jhelum )fought in the year

The author of the book Paradise Lost is

The design of the wheel in the National Flag is that of the wheel (chakra) which appears on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashok It has----spokes.

Drop is the term associated with

_________ is the second highest award and is given for exceptional and distinguished services in any field inclusive of service rendered by service servants

The Republic of India comprises of ----- States and ---- Union Territories.

When the bill of Exchange or the Promissory Note is payable on demand, it is known as

The Indian Space Programme took a major step forward with the launching of the first indigenously built space craft “Aryabhatta” on

The Study of the structure of the universe and how the objects in it behave is

The Mahanadi and the Damodar rise in the north-west of the plateau and flow east into the

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