MCQ Quiz Part 3

Bit is the basic unit ________.It can have two values one and zero only

Amortization is

An ________ is a kind of chemical compound which can neutralize acids.

An ________ is a kind of chemical compound which can neutralize acids.

_______ is the name given to shocks, or tremors,from an earthquake.

The investment made on land in the shape of good quality seeds, manure and water is

Medical compounds produced by moulds and bacteria, capable of destroying or preventing the growth of bacteria in animal systems are known as

A Process of coating aluminum surfaces withaluminum oxide, or alumina, using electrolysis is

According to U.N. Prediction India’s Populationwill reach its highesr figure in 2065 of

Annuity is a

Agate is a

According to UN estimates the first three countries in terms of population in 2050 will be (in billions)

The mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth is

Alexander died in the year

A substance, synthesized by micro organisms,which damages or kills other micro organisms in

Chandragupta Maurya defeated Seleucus in the year

Under which of the following articles has Preamble been stated?

In the battle of Marathon ,the Greeks defeated the Persians in the year

Which of the following is described as the soul of the Constitution?

Law stating that an object that is totally orpartly submerged in a fluid displaces a volume of fluid that weights the sameas the apparent loss in weight of the object is.

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