MCQ Quiz Part 6

Hypersensitivity is called

The President of India is elected

The Term of office of the President of India is

Bear is

A useful variety of a rock-form-ing mineral which is fibrous, very heat-resistant and chemically inert is

The flower emblem of Canada is

The Vice President of India is

The National emblem of U.S. is

Poisonous metallic element belonging to Group 15 (old classification V-A) of the periodic table is called

Which one of the people directly a qualification for contesting the election of the Vice President of India ?

A brown or black tar-like substance, a variety of bitumen, found in a natural state or obtained by evaporating petroleum is

The words “ Satyameva Jayate” from the Mundaka Upanishad meaning‘Truth Alone Triumphs’ are inscribed below the emblem in the

A unicellular fresh water organism is called

The head of the Indian Republic according to Article 52 of the Constitution is the

An enquiry held in the private room of the judge so that its proceedings are kept secret is

The National Songs ‘Vande Mataram’ was composed by

Blue collar jobs are

A tube in multicellular animals through which food is taken into the body, digested and absorbed by the cell is called

Bill of Exchange is

A condition in which the normal skin colour is absent is called

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