MCQ Quiz Part 8

The Constitution of India was promulgated on

From which of the following Constitution reads we have borrowed the idea of the preamble?

_________is a term which describes a way of counting.

Reign of Kanishka was in the years

The basic aims and objectives of the Constitution are discussed in

Romans conquered Jerusalem in the year

Consignment is

The Constitution of India was passed on

The president of the Constituent Assembly was

The Chairman of the Drafting Committeeto prepare a Draft Constitution of India was

Fahien visited India during the period

Call Money is

Objectives of the International Monetary fund(IMF) are

Which one of the following is not correct?

Stagflation is a state of the economy in which economic activity is

When one firm finds it beyond its capacity to cope with the execution of the projects that it may be entrusted with, a few more independent firms and operatively its risk and operation. Such a combination is called

_________ is the combination of two or more than two bytes.

The preamble of our Constitution reads: India is a

When was the Constituent Constitution of India?

Clearing Bank Correct

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