Botany Quiz Part 2

Diet that includes carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, water, minerals and roughage is..

In food technology, any natural or artificial chemical added to prolong the shelf life of processed foods (salt or nitrates), alter the colour or flavour of food, or improve its food value (vitamins or minerals) is called..

A substance which releases hydrogen ions in water and has a pH less than 7, e.g. hydrochloric acid in the human stomach is

The period inthe human life cycle between puberty and maturity is

Condition caused by a shortage of hemoglobin, the oxygen- carrying component of red blood cells is

The industrial use of living organisms tomanufacture food, drugs or other products, for example, micro-organisms areused in ethanol production by fermentation, brewing with yeast and enzymeproduction is..

What is Self fertilization?

What is used for a pressure cooker used for the sterilization of materials?

What is Living in Water?

What is Cross-fertilization?

An organism which requires oxygen to survive is

The entire zone of air, land and water at the surface of the earth that is occupied by living things is...

What is called a Reproduction in which new organisms are formed from a single parent without gamete production?

A pair of endocrine glands situated anterior to the mammalian kidneys and secreting the hormone adrenalin which causes in- creased heart-beat, breathing, etc., in response to conditions of stress is..

Drug that relieves pain is..

The study ofthe structure of the body and its component parts, especially the human body(as distinguished from physiology, which is the study of bodily functions) is ..

Plant hormones which control many aspects of plant growth are..

In a flower, the upper part of a stamen containing pollen grains is ...

What is called the study ofliving things?

Inflammation of the nerve endings, mostly occurring in the tropics and resulting from a deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine) is...

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