Botany Quiz Part 3

The term refers primarily to barley and wheat, but may also refer to oats, maize, rye, milletand rice.

The narrowest blood vessel in vertebrates, -between 8 and 20 micrometer in diameter, barely wider than a red blood cell is

The smallestfunctional and structural unit of all living organisms is

A human abnormality caused by a mutation in which the ovum has an extra chromosome is

Trees and shrubs that shed their leaves before the onset of winter or a dry season are called

The natural orman-made conversion of arable or forest land into barren deserts is called

Primitive members of the plant family are

Gland that secretes hormones into the blood-stream in order to regulate body processes is

The outermost layer of cells on an organism's body is

A chemical sprayed on plants that causes leaves to fall off prematurely is called..

A mildly addictive alkaloid found in snubberof plants, such as tea, coffee and cola is

The remains ortraces of animal and plant lift of the past found embedded in rock are

A cold-blooded animal, such as a lizard, that relies on external warmth (ultimately from thesun) to raise its body temperature so that it can become active is

A collective name for the petals of a flower is

Flexible bluish-white connective tissue made up of the protein collagen is

An apparatusused to isolate organisms living in soil water is

Remains of food and other debris passed out of the digestive tract of animals is

A biological catalyst produced in cells and capable of speeding up the chemical reactions necessary for life by converting one molecule (substrate) into another is

Any agent that increases the chance of a cell becoming cancerous, including various chemicals, some viruses, X-rays and forms of nuclear radiation is

The spontaneous movement of liquids up or down narrow tubes such as plant xylem vessels or thespaces existing between soil particles is

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