Botany Quiz Part 4

An animal that feeds on other animals which are called the prey is

Carbohydrates include

An organism having both male and female reproductive organs in the same individual is

Part of a flowering plant that normally grows down into the soil is the

The structure in the vertebrate eye which controls the size of the pupil and hence the amount of light entering the eye is

An organized collection of plant specimens for identification and reference purposes is

A somewhat oval body attached to the ovary wall in a flower which matures into a seed after fertilization is

Tube or oviductin mammals, one of two tubes that carry ova (eggs) from the ovary to the uterusis

A plant growth movement in response to a stimulus, forexamples light is

_____is the main protein of milk, from whichit can be separated by the action of acid, the enzyme rennin, or bacteria(souring); It is also the main component of cheese.

The term _________refers primarily to barley and wheat, but may also refer to oats, maize, rye,millet and rice.

A is _________ a kind of living thing and is a simple plant which can- not make its own food.

Myopia is

The relocation of seedlings from nursery beds to the actual site of plantation is

Light-sensitive tissue lining the interior of the vertebrate eye, and consisting of two typesof cells is

Proteins are

A branch of agriculture dealing with garden crops, generally fruits, vegetables and ornamen-tals is

An organism or structure having a single set of unpaired chromo- somes is

The offspring of two related individuals’ pf the same species, race or variety is

Which one of the following is correct?

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