Botany Quiz Part 5

A jelly obtained from seaweeds which is used as a medium for culturing bacteria is

The flora and fauna of the bottom of oceans and lakes are

The totalweight of all the organisms in a particular habitat is

The study ofthe environment is

An organ of storage and vegetative reproduction is

A large group of primitive plants, mostly aquatic and capable of photosynthesis are

A substance, synthesized bymicro organisms, which damages or kills other micro organisms is

The chief artery dorsal blood vessel carrying oxygenated blood from the left ventricle of the heart is

The digestivecanal in animals, in humans it is a tube about nine metres in length runningfrom mouth to anus is

Fuel such ascoal, oil and natural gas are

The femalereproductive organ of a flower (megasporophyll) bearing the ovules which matureinto seeds after fertilization is

Transparent front section of the eye is

The removal of undigested food or faeces from the gut is

_____is the main protein of milk, from whichit can be separated by the action of acid, the enzyme rennin, or bacteria(souring); It is also the main component of cheese.

Sharp-pointed tearing teeth near the front of the mouth used for killing prey and ripping offpieces of food are called

The green coloured pigment universally found in plants, responsible for capturing thesolar energy for photosynthesis is

The Indian hemp or bhang plant which is thesource of a fibre and drugs like hashish and marijuana is

In mammals, theceiling of the mouth is

The method offinding out the age of fossils by determining the amount of radiocarbon (14C)remaining in them is

An organism that feeds on dead and decaying plants and animals, causing decomposition is

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