Chemistry Quiz Part 1

A colourless, crystalline salt, used in some explosives is

A colourless, crystalline salt, used in some explosives is

The organic acids which are con- students of all proteins in living organisms is

Very small solid particles suspended in airs

A white, soluble, crystalline salt, used in dry cells is

A base which is ruble in water is

Sulphur dioxide is a colorless gas which can make people

Substance that sticks two surfaces together is

A brown or black tar-like subs- dance, a gaiety of bitumen, found in a nature state or obtained by evaporating petroleum is

A colorless pungent gas, compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is

Substances used to reduce the pH of stomach juices and, therefore, relieve indigestion are

A phenomenon in which the addition of a small quantity of a substance enhances the rate of reaction manifold, without the added substance itself being consumed in the course of the reaction is

To coat a metal with a protective exide film is..

A dark black viscous hydrocarbon manufactured - artificially by heating coal is..

A white crystalline salt with an alkaline nature used in the manufacture of glass, soldering of metals, enamels, gems, soaps, etc is..

Salts used to soften hard water are...

The treatment of diseases by the administration of chemicals is...

The principal ore of aluminium, consisting of a mixture of hydrated aluminium oxides and hydroxides, generally contaminated with compounds of iron, which give it a red colour is..

Capable of being broken down by living organisms, principally bacteria and fungi is..

A colorless, odourless, tasteless gas about one and a half times as heavy as air is..

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