Chemistry Quiz Part 2

Organic compounds like benzene which have a strong smell are..

That which prevents infections, decay and inhibits the action of microorganisms is..

Poisonous metallic element belonging to Group 15 (old classification V-A) of the periodic table is called...

A colourless, crystalline salt, used in some explosives is..

What is a chemical element, a grey metal which has a try high melting point?

A brown or black tar-like subs- dance, a gaiety of bitumen, found in a nature state or obtained by evaporating petroleum, known as..

Very small solid particles suspended in airs..

Substance that sticks two surfaces together is...

A base which is ruble in water is..

A white, soluble, crystalline salt, used in dry cells is...

Contamination of the atmosphere caused by the discharge, accidental or deliberate, of wide range of toxic substaces is

A colorless pungent gas, compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is

The chemicals that produce positively charged hydrogen tons (H+) or a proton in solutions are

Water that has stair (oxygen) blown through it is

A useful variety of a rock-forming minera which is fibrous, very heat-resistant and chemically inert is

Acetyl salcylic acid is

Medicinal compounds produced by moulds and bacteria, capable of destroyed or preventing the growth of bacteria in animal systems are known as

A process of coating aluminium surfaces with aluminium oxide, or alumina, using electrolysis is

Sulphur dioxide is a colorless gas which can make people

A thick oil extracted from the oil of mint and used as an antiseptic and anaesthetic is

A chemical which is used to kill or control living organisms is

Energy-producing organic compounds, e.g. cane sugar, glucose starch etc are

A collarless, odourless gas resulting from the incomplete oxidation of carbon. is

A sweetish, collarless liquid used as a solvent and anaesthetic is

The organic acids which are con- students of all proteins in living organisms is

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