Physics Quiz Part 10

The radioactive and toxic byproducts of the nuclear- energy and nuclear-weapons industries is

Arch in the sky displaying the colours of the spectrum formed by the refraction and reflection of the Sun's rays through rain or mist is

Method of dating organic materials (for example, bone or wood), used in archaeology is

Rubber (tyre) was invented by

Projectile driven by the reaction of gases produced by a fast-burning fuel is

The branch of science concerned with the ultimate laws that govern the structure of the universe, and the forms of matter and energy and their interactions is

An optical instrument designed for observation from a concealed position such as from a sub- merged submarine is

Ship (steam) was invented by

Radio Telegraphy (Trans Atlantic) was invented by

Radar was invented by

The throwing back or deflection of waves, such as light or sound waves, when they hit a surface is

Sewing Machine was invented by

The inner layer at the back of the vertebrate eye, which contains light-sensitive cells and nerve fibres, is

Revolver was invented by

Phonograph was invented by

The SI unit of electrical resistance is

Slide Rule was invented by

A region of a magnetic field where the force is strongest is

Photography (on film) was invented by

Printing (Rotary) was invented by

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