Physics Quiz Part 2

Velocity is a kind of

Solder is a/an ______ and is used to join together wires and electronic components.

Water evaporates at ___________ temperature.

A supersonic speed is faster than the speed of sound, which is a _________ kilometer per hour.

A semiconductor is a kind of _________ material and it does not allow electricity to pass easily.

A siphon is a curved pipe or tube, and is used to move __________ from one container to another.

A superconductor is a substance which has no ___________ resistance.

A thermostat is a kind of switch which turns a heater or a boiler

A voltmeter is an electrical instrument which measures

We feel cooler when was sweat because the water that evaporates from our body carries with it a lot of

It is easier to float in _________ water.

A silicon chip is a kind of

The escalator was invented by

A thermometer is an instrument which measures

A shaft is a rod which _________ and is connectedly the axis of a wheel or a gear.

A short circuit is a fault in an _______ circuit.

Sonar is a device which is fitted to ships and submarines and is used to find objects ___________ water.

Water is known as wonder liquid because it is a universal ________.

It is easier to float in _________ water.

A __________ is a unit of measurement which measures the frequency of vibrations.

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