Physics Quiz Part 3

Opaque describes a substance which _________ allow light to pass through it.

Nuclear fusion describes how some atoms _________ together.

A radar set is a/an________ device and a way of finding out where objects are when they cannot be seen.

A photon is a particle which has been invented by scientists to explain how ___________ behaves.

__________ Carries out tests and searches for clues to help the police and lawyers.

A __________ is a unit of measurement which measures the frequency of vibrations.

Quantum mechanics is the part of physics that deals with radiation and the movement of

Radiotherapy is used by __________ to help some of their patients.

A unit of measurement which measures the loudness of sound is

A __________ is a unit of measurement which measures area.

A ____________ is a device which measures radiation.

Nuclear fission describes how some atoms break into pieces, nuclear fission takes place when the nucleus of the atom ___________ .

A piston is a part of a machine, it is fitted inside a __________ and moves backwards and forwards.

A satellite is a kind of

________ is a sound which is reflected.

Radiation is a kind of __________which is moving.

_________ is a word which describes how one object moves around another object.

A_________ is a scientific subject, it is the study of how to collect, use, move, store and display information.

Potential energy is __________ energy.

__________ is award which describes something that gives out light.

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