Physics Quiz Part 4

A ________ is a piece of glass or clear plastic.

A cube is a solid shape, it has _________ sides which are all the same size.

A __________ is a thin piece of wire, it is a part of an electric circuit.

A satellite dish is a kind of

A nautical mile is a unit of measurement, it measures distances across

A robot is a kind of machine that can do jobs without _________ help.

An instrument which helps people to find their way from one place to another is

A _________ colour is one of three different colours of light-red, green and blue colours.

A/An ___________ is a part of some electric machines.

It is the part of a missile, usually placed at the tip, containing a hemical explosive or incendiary charge and a mechanism for setting it off is

Law of Falling Bodies was discovered by

Laws of Motion were discovered t by

First Formal Statement of Geometrical Principles was discovered by

X-rays was invented by

A/An _________ is a device which can store electricity.

Radioactivity was discovered by

Uranium Fission Theory was discovered by

The unit of power, the rate of energy transfer is

Laws of Refraction off Light were discovered by

Dynamic Theory of Heat was discovered by

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