Physics Quiz Part 5

Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure as an indication of weather is

Bicycle tyre(Pneumatic) was invented by

A device usedto measure current is

Energy from sources that are renewable and ecologically safe, as opposed to sources that are non-renewable with toxic by-pro- ducts is

Any system consisting of only two elements is

Cash Register was invented by

Instrument used in aircraft that measures altitude,or height above sea level is

Addressograph was invented by

Metal blended with metallic some other or non-metallic substance to give it special qualities, such as resistance to corrosion is

Arc Lamp was invented by

The study of the structure of the universe and how the objects in it behave is

Celluloid was invented by...

Adding Machine was invented by

Carburetor was invented by

The smallest unit of matter that can take part in a chemical reaction, and which cannot be broken down chemically into anything simpler is

The science of the movement and behaviour of missiles, projectiles from guns, rifles and slings, bombs and rockets is

Bifocal Lens was invented by

The rate of change of the velocity of a moving body is

The effect ofthe upward force (upthrust) on an object in a fluid is

In general, the experimental and theoretical science of sound and its transmission is

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