Physics Quiz Part 6

Burglar Alarm was invented by

Ballpoint pen was invented by

Balloon was invented by

Electromagnet was invented by

Chronometer was invented by

Electric Lamp was invented by

The long-termpattern of weather in a region is

A negative electrode in a cell is

Electric Motor (A.C.) was invented by

Clock(Mechanical) was invented by

In electronics, a term meaning 'coded as numbers' is

A unit of energy content offood is

Minimum velocity with which an object must be projected for it to escape from the gravitational pull of a planetary body is

A unit of weight for gems and precious metals is

A unit of electric chargeis

The speed of an object leaving the surface of a planet, for example, such that it just escapes the gravitational pull is

The mechanical coupling of two or more spacecrafts is

A phenomenon in which a liquid rises in a thin tube or channel due to surface tension is

A simple generator, or machine for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energyis

Cinema was invented by

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