Physics Quiz Part 7

A situation where one event causes a second this leads to a third, and so on is

A beam securely fixed at one end and hanging free at the other hand is

An effect of surface tensionis

Elevator was invented by

A unit of radioactivity is

An apparatus for measuring heat is

A safety switch that automatically cuts off the current when there is an overload is

Clock (Pendulum) was invented by

The passage of anastronomical body through the shadow of another is

Electron is

Electronic Computer was invented by

Electric Motor () was invented by

A force away from the centre that may appear to be observed during motion in a curve is

Electromagnet was invented by

Chronometer was invented by

Electric Lamp was invented by

The long-termpattern of weather in a region is

A negative electrode in a cell is

Clock(Mechanical) was invented by

Jet Engine was invented by

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