Zoology Quiz Part 10

The science dealing with the formation, composition, function sand diseased of blood is

Insoluble deposits precipitated from the bile, when bilestagnates in the gall bladder, it becomes excessively concentrated and fon

________ is the complete set of chromosomes found in each nucleus of a given species, which contains the entire genetic material.

___________ is an eye disease characterized by increased pressure of the fluid within the eye.

__________ are complex protein molecules produced by all plants and animals. These are catalysts which initiate, accelerate or, as negative catalysts, retard biochemical reactions without them- selves changing.

__________ is a recurrent disorder of the brain function characterized by clouding of consciousness and associated with convulsions due to an abnormal discharge of nerve impulses in the brain.

An inherited disease in which the blood fails to clot is called

__________ is a technique of altering the genetic makeup of an Organism it a specific purpose.

__________ is the study relating to efficient use of human energy.

A chronic disease that can produce severe swelling of the joints is

The scientific study of ageing is

__________ is aninfestation with parasitic thread-like worms.

___________ is any of a group of steroid hormones containing 18 carbon atoms produced chiefly by the ovary and placenta but also by the testis and adrenal gland of all vertebrates.

Painless killing of a person or animal suffering from anincur- able disease is

_________is uncontrolled growth of cells resulting in a large mass and as a result of fast growth, it exhausts nutrients required for normal functioning of the body.



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