Zoology Quiz Part 12

___________ is a complex thread-like structure seen in plant and animal cells at the time of cell division.They are the carriers of the genetic material DNA.

________ is the weight or volume of all the organisms living in a specified area.

Appertaining to heart is called

________ is a diseased state which constitutes one of the manifestations of filarias is and the swelling of a limb, usually a leg due to obstruction of the lymphatic vessels is a characteristic feature of it.

Inflammation of the brain is

Victim of severe congenital thyroid deficiency, causing physical and mental retardation is called

________ is a group of organic com- pounds like sugars, starches and cellulose composed entirely of Carbon,Hydrogen and Oxygen and they form the main source of energy for the human body.

The solidification of blood is 'called

The study of insects is

The part of the earth which supports life is called

________ is a violent, uncontrolled musclespasm, or a series of them sometime srepeated rapidly and accompanied by un-consciousness.

__________ is the basic unit of inheritance, it is gene is a short length of a chromosome made of DNA which influences a particular set of characters in a particular way.

_________is death of body tissues from lack of oxygen caused by a loss of blood supply to those areas of the body, often hands or feet.

The science dealing with the formation, composition, functions and diseased of blood is

Insoluble deposits precipitated from the bile, when bilestagnates in the gall bladder, it becomes excessively concentrated and fond.


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