Zoology Quiz Part 18

A plant eating organism is

________ is a form of allergy that affects the nose and throat due to sensitivity to certain plant pollens.

A chemical messenger produced by endocrine glands in animals and secreted directly into the bloodstream is

The interval between exposure to a disease and its appearance is

Acute or chronic viral in flammation of the liver is

_________ is the act of providing proper physical conditions for the development of the young ones of certain organisms, it is the hatching of eggs by means of heat, natural or artificial.

_________ is a collective term for all animals which do not have a backbone or vertebral column.

A condition caused by over exposure to the sun is called

A tissue or organ which is trans- planted from one individual to another of the same species, also called is ograft is

A fold of mucous membrane which normally partially covers the entrance to the vagina is

Human Immune Deficiency Virus is

A temporary condition of altered attention in an individual is

The introduction of semen or spermatozoa into the female genital tract is

Reproduction by the mating of closely related Individuals is

The biological science that deals with the study of structure of tissues is



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