Zoology Quiz Part 21

___________ is any of a group of steroid hormones containing 18 carbon atoms produced chiefly by the ovary and placenta but also by the testis and adrenal gland of all vertebrates.

_________ is a small pouch-like organ that stores bile secreted from liver and in humans it is a pear- shaped sac that rests on the underside of the right portion of the liver.

The science dealing with the various races of mankind, their distribution relationship, culture and activities is

_________ is an organ which secretes specific chemical compounds such as enzymes or hormones.

Science dealing with the selective genetic improvement of the human race is

Drugs which promote or increase the elimination of secretions from the respiratory tract by coughing are

The branch of medical science dealing with diseases of women, particularly those affecting reproductive organs is

A mammalian embryo on it’s inter stages when the main features are clearly recognizable is called

An enlargement of all or part of the thyroid gland, which appears as a smooth swelling at the front of the neck is

Plasma is the liquid part of

_______ is a word which describes a change in an animal.

Hollow organ of the females reproductive system in which an unborn baby develops is

Two small glands, about the shape and size of an almond at either side of the back of the mouth are

An agent which carries infectious organisms from an infected individual to another is called

A study reveals that although a person can live without food for more that a month, a person can only live without water for about one



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