Zoology Quiz Part 3

A tiny, disc-shaped body present in blood which plays an important role in blood clotting is

_______ is a disease caused by lack of vitamin C in the diet. The symptoms include slow healing of wounds,mouth and gums become sore, wails of the capillaries become weak and slight pressure causes them to break.

._________ is the period of life when the gonads become functional i.e. an individual becomes sexually mature.

________is the liquid part of body fluids such as lymph, and blood and it is a straw colour fluid containing proteins and inorganic materials.

A technique of making milk safe for drinking by killing off any disease causing bacteria present in it is...

_______ is the liquid portion that remains after blood clots, and the blood cells and clotting elements are removed by centrifugation.

Any micro-organism that causes disease is

_________is atongue-shaped organ that lies behind the stomach and produces two types of secretions.

The scientific study of the changes in tissue or body organs brought about by a disease or a physiological disorder is

Any condition in which the ability to control the movement of a limb or a muscle is lost is

A collective name for unicellular fungi is

_______is one of the sex determining hromosomes. In humans it is this chromosome that carries the genes for maleness.

_______ is an extremely small (25 to 300 nanometer in length) obligate parasite which can multiply only in a living cell of a plant or an animal.

A is an animal

_______are organic compounds that are essential but required in small quantities for the normal growth and proper nourishment of the body.

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