Zoology Quiz Part 4

Plasma is the liquid part of

In India 8.5 million patients are incited with tuberculosis, 5.1Million, people have HIV+,2.1million are suffering from Malaria and an estimated 35 million are suffering from

_______is the grafting of at issue or an Organ.

_______ is a word which describes a change in an animal.

Hollow organ of the females reproductive system in which an unborn baby develops is

Two small glands, about the shape and size of an almond at either side of the back of the mouth are

Sterile is a word which describes something that is completely free from and other micro- organisms.

An agent which carries infectious organisms from an infected individual to another is called

A study reveals that although a person can live without food for more that a month, a person can only live without water for about one

________is a surgical operation for closing up of was different, the tube which carries sperms from the test is to the prostate gland from where they are carried out- side along with other secretions.

________is a connective cord that links the unborn infant or foet us with the mother.

_______ is the fusion product of an egg and a male gamete (sperm), i.e. a fertilized egg or ovum.

_______ is an infectious gastrointestinal disease that causes fever.

A virus is a kind of micro-organism which causes in animals and plants.

Any animal having a backbone orvertebral column is

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