Zoology Quiz Part 6

The scientific study of poisons is

_______is one of the sex determining hromosomes. In humans it is this chromosome that carries the genes for maleness.

________is a connective cord that links the unborn infant or foetus with the mother.

________is a surgical operation for closing up of was different, the tube which carries sperms from the test is to the prostate gland from where they are carried out- side along with other secretions.

_______ is an extremely small (25 to 300 nanometer in length) obligate parasite which can multiply only in a living cell of a plant or an animal.

_______ is an infectious gastrointestinal disease that causes fever.

A blood vessel which carries blood from different parts of the body to the heart is

________ is the ductless gland found on both sides of the windpipe and it secretes the hormone thyroxine, a compound of iodine and tyrosine Which controls the rate of metabolism in the body affecting its growth and activity.

Plasma is the liquid part of

_______of an adult body is water.

A virus is a kind of micro-organism which causes in animals and plants.

Any animal having a backbone orvertebral column is

_______ is a word which describes a change in an animal.

An agent which carries infectious organisms from an infected individual to another is called

Which one of the following is correct?

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