Zoology Quiz Part 7

A collective name for unicellular fungi is

Hollow organ of the females reproductive system in which an unborn baby develops is

_______ is the fusion product of an egg and a male gamete (sperm), i.e. a fertilized egg or ovum.

Two small glands, about the shape and size of an almond at either side of the back of the mouth are

_______are organic compounds that are essential but required in small quantities for the normal growth and proper nourishment of the body.

_________ is a infectious disease communicable by contact with one suffering from it, with his bodily discharge, or with an object touched by him for example, cholera and chicken pox.

_________is uncontrolled growth of cells resulting in a large mass and as a result of fast growth, it exhausts nutrients required for normal functioning of the body.

_________ is the smallest tubes or vessels which formthe connecting link between the circulatory and lymphatic system; usually the wails are single layer thick.

_________ is the partially digested food after leaving the stomach.

Any substance or agent capable of causing cancer is called

________ is a progressively inflammatory disease of the liver in q which the liver cells are destroyed and it is a common disease among habitual alcohol users.

_________ is a non-specific term used todenote skin disorders characterized by redness, thickening, oozing blisters and occasional formation of fissures and cracks.

___________ is a developing fertilized egg during theearly period and an unborn human being is called an embryo for the first two months of its period of development in the worm

________ are ductless glands which produce hormones which pass i directly into the bloo

________ is a secretion of the liver in animals. It is an alkaline fluid that helps in digestion and absorption of fats.

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