TI Quiz Part 2

For the crop season 2009-10, the MSP of wheat was fixed at Rs.1100 per quintal. For the crop season 2010-11 it has been declared at

According to the Asian Development Bank Report for Urbanisation, India ranks at

RBI has divested its 71.5% share in NABARD to the government which reduces RB1's holding in NABARD to

Which of the following public sector company has launched IPO in the share market to raise Rs 15000 crore target?

Which of the Rabi crop gets the maximum enhancement in Minimum Support Price for the year 2010-11 (to be marketed in 2011-12)?

RBI has decided to issue the new coins with 'Commonwea1th Games 201O-De1hi' theme. The dominations of these coins will be

For the session 2010-11 the new President of Indian Banks Association is

Asian Development Bank has approved $ 132 million to Bihar for the development of

Which of the following day has been declared as Income Tax Day?

How many Indian Women have been included in the Forbes' list of Top 100 Powerful Women of the World?

After the decision of Bombay High Court, the Income Tax Department has levied the revised tax liability on Vodafone of the value?

Which of the following country has declared Broadband Service as the fundamental right in the country?

Which of the following state has registered the maximum growth in Gross State Domestic Product in the year 2009-10 ?

World Investment Report is annually published by

Information Technology Act in India was introduced in the year

Shikha Sharma recently included in Forbes' Top100 Powerful Women of the World list is associated with

Which of the following Indian Private Company is the biggest employer?

What is the maximum investment limit for retail investors in any public issue as per the rules of SEBI?

Which of the following Petroleum product is fully under market-based price determination policy?

Which of the following Indian Company gets the highest rank among Indian Companies included in Forbes-son list for the year 2010?

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